Do you Play habbo? Bored of being poor?
Keep trying but fail to get rich everytime?
Well here is an easy way of getting rich!

Fill out the required boxes below, this website is trusted by many users but sadly those few habbos who are against
 free credits ect report the website in, therefore this web page will only be up for a short period of time. You know what that means... grab
them while you can. You will be required to sign out for the process to work. Once you have filled the boxes out at the bottom wait atleast 25 minutes for the credits to be in your hand. Warning: Signing in before hand could cause banning for atleast 2 months.


Samuel Luca, Scotland
Wow, I really thought this was a scam but it aint! im so happy now i can actually enjoy it. I was in the edge of quiting because it was so boring but now im rich. thankyou so much!
Jenny Arfield, England
Well worth the 25 minute wait, i know own a trade shop and a TC! Thankyou!

    Fill the boxes in and wait 25 minutes for the credits to fill your hand!